Diplomatic Supplier

Since 1951 Peter Justesen Company has been a diplomatic supplier of Duty Free goods to missions worldwide. We are proud to be the preferred supplier of Duty Free goods, currently serving more than 160 countries.

At Peter Justesen Company we are constantly improving our service within diplomatic sales and securing that the diplomatic missions worldwide get the best deal in terms of: value for money, quality duty free products and excellent customer service. Wherever the diplomat is stationed or if he/she moves to a new destination Peter Justesen Company is ready to serve as the best diplomatic supplier.

It is very important to us that our customers at the diplomatic missions receive their duty free products ready for use and in the best possible condition. This is why we as a diplomatic supplier make sure that the duty free products are always handled by reliable transport companies and delivered to your doorstep or a terminal - in more than 100 destinations.

Transit times and order handling times of the duty free products are improved constantly, offering you an even faster service than before. As a diplomatic supplier we also periodically give freight offers and special offers at times of the year when our diplomatic customers need it the most.

You can check how we deliver to your destination here.

As a diplomatic supplier we are proud of our ability to evolve with both our customers' needs and the global challenges in our ever-changing world. We are also keen to keep hearing feedback from our customers on how to continue to improve as a diplomatic supplier and how we can build an even stronger partnership, because this is the core of what drives us, and our foundational goal is that - we take care of you.

Yours sincerely,