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The difference in rosé colors, from light orange to raspberry red; is a combination of grape variety and the length of skin contact time, known as maceration. The myriad of flavours in rosé, from watermelon bubblegum to wild strawberry, also start developing during this brief maceration period. Each grape variety contributes its inherent qualities. That is why dark Tempranillo rosés of Rioja have powerful strawberry flavours, while the dry pale rosés of Provence are delicately peachy.

It’s this wealth of diversity among rosé wines, whether labelled rosé, rosato, or rosado that makes them mysteriously, fascinating and delicious.

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Aldeya Rosé 75 cl. - Alc. 12,5% Vol.
EUR 8.50
Fazi Battaglia Rosé 75 cl. - Alc. 13,5% Vol.
EUR 13.50
Kylie Minogue Signature Rosé Vin de France 75 cl. - Alc. 12,5% Vol.
EUR 7.75 EUR 6.20
La Terrasse Rosé 75 cl. - Alc. 12,5% Vol.
EUR 13.50
Mateus Semi-Dry 100 cl. - Alc. 11% Vol.
EUR 6.00
Santa Rita 120 Rosé 75 cl. - Alc. 12,5% Vol.
EUR 9.75
Tarani Gamay  75 cl. - Alc. 11,5% Vol.
EUR 7.19
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