Titan Life Pro Gymball 75 Cm.
Titan Life Pro Gymball 75 Cm.
EUR 20.25

Product description

TITAN LIFE PRO Gymball allows you to train the whole body, including balance, strength and coordination. Only imagination and security set the limit for exercise choices. Exercises combined with weights, such as dumbbells or medicine balls provide extra strength in the core and upper body and this means activating many muscle groups. The ball is made of durable rubber in high quality, which makes it suitable both for home training and in the gym. In addition to pilates, strength and balance training, it is also suitable for rehabilitation patients for muscle training, improvement of coordination, stability, etc. The primary muscle groups that are trained during use are the abdomen as well as the lower back. Since the ball is unstable, it forces the body to become better at coordination and balance, and trains your stabilizing muscles. ABS stands for Anti-burst technology, which is a very important element for safety and security during use. If you are unlucky enough to puncture the ball during use, the ball will puncture slowly and the air will seep out quietly so that the user can avoid injuries. Tested up to 500 kg.


Type Fitness
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