Franziskaner Hefe-Weis 20x50 cl. btls. - Alc. 5% Vol.
EUR 23.00

Product description

Franziskaner uses only carefully selected wheat and barley malt most of which is cultivated locally in Munich. The aromatic hops are obtained in the largest hop-growing area in the world, Hallertau. The water comes from the deep artesian wells of Munich. And a pure yeast strain produces the signature tropical fruit character. These ingredients create the refreshingly different Franziskaner Weissbier known and loved throughout the world. Beer lovers appreciate its full-bodied yet zesty flavor, the result of a high proportion of wheat malt, carefully tended yeast cultures, and higher carbonation. Brewed entirely in accordance with the German Purity Law. Alc. 5.0% Vol., carton of 20x50 cl bottles, per carton.


Size 20x50 Packing Type Bottle Size Type Cl Sub Category Beer/Water Type Weissbier Alcohol content 5.00 Country Germany