Quilts of DK TEMPRAKON 140x220cm duvet
Quilts of DK TEMPRAKON 140x220cm duvet
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Product description

Temprakon Zone is developed based on the latest technology, knowledge of sleep - combined with the best from nature. Temprakon Zone compliments the body’s temperature zones. 90% white goose down/10% small feathers (70% of filling). TempraCool Thermoregulating Viscose (30% of filling). 100% cotton batist with Thermoregulating layer Sometimes the smallest innovation is the biggest revolution. Temprakon was originally created with the technology and microcapsules from NASA’s space suits that helped astronauts regulate temperature under extreme conditions in space. Temprakon sets new standards for sleeping environment products - and for more than 15 years has provided better sleep to thousands of customers.


Country Denmark