La vie est belle

La vie est belle is a real declaration of optimism. Because happiness is only real when shared. It is all about giving and receiving. All it takes is a gesture, a glance, a smile to turn someone's everyday life into a happy moment. 

The resplendant bottle, entitled "le sourire de cristal" (the "crystal smile") evokes the rounded import of a smile at the heart of the crystal square. The finishing touch of refinement: a pearlscent grey organza ribbon is tied around its neck, forming the twin wings of freedom.
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La vie est belle is a floral Eau de Parfum with the noblest ingredients: concrete of Iris Pallida, Jasmie Sambac, Orange Blossom and Patchouli Essence. Every drop of La vie est belle is infused with a joyful spirit. The radiant & warm-hearted iris spreads happiness in its wake.

La vie est belle Intensément

Happiness is a vibration that lives within all of us. It's fleeting, but intense. Quick, but strong. It's here and now. Beating inside the new eau de parfum La vie est belle Intensément. Live to the fulles here and now. Feel the happiness urgency in every moment. 

The emblematic bottle of La vie est belle Intensément is adorned with an intense fushia juice, like a beating heart, evoking the flames and embers. Warming up the atmosphere from its ardent heart & spreading its flames to the tip of the wings.

La vie est belle Intensément olfactive story is composed of a powerful amd sensual heart (Iris Concrete, Vanilla Bean, Sambae Jasmine Absolute, Patchouli Heart) brightened by a smile of deliscious delcaries. The first Intense Red-Iris-Vanilla Accord exclusively created for Lancôme by one of France's leading perfumers.


Feel empowered by Idôle, a luminous floral fragrance made for generous & commited woman. More than a name, Idôle is an aura of confidence and femininity to conquer the world. An aspiration, not a destination. A window of tomorrow, a dream to grasp. 

A refilable perfume bottle with a dynamic silhouette sharp as will, maintained by a golden blade, symbol of women's will and determination. Made in the furture, Idôle is the thinnest fragrances bottle in the world. A new frame of minjd that does not compromise with your dreams.

Feel empowered by Idôle, a luminous floral made for generous & committed woman. A clean & glowy addiction composed of a radical Rose, a spotless Jasmine & a Clean Chypre accord.
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Lancôme La Vie est Belle EdP 100 ml
EUR 102.00
Lancôme Idôle EdP 75 ml
EUR 83.30
Lancôme La Vie est Belle Intense EdP 100 ml
EUR 102.00
Lancôme La Vie est Belle EdP Duo 2x30 ml
EUR 81.60