Staub Mini Oval Oven Dish with Lid 1 ltr/23 cm black
Staub Mini Oval Oven Dish with Lid 1 ltr/23 cm black
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Product description

The oval gratin dish with lid is made of sturdy cast iron and is ideal for cooking delicious food gently and healthily. The baking dish which has a golden knob is 28.7 cm long including handles, 9.5 cm tall with a width of 17.8 cm and a capacity of 1 litre. The classic oval shape ensures space-saving storage, as all the different sized Staub casserole dishes can be stacked. In this dish, which is suitable for all types of stoves, dishes can be first seared and then browned in the oven. The robust cast iron stores the heat and releases it evenly. Use these elegant, cast-iron casserole dish from the Staub cookware range, and, whether novice or professional cook, you will be able to create sophisticated gratin dishes and impress your guests with your cooking skills. For preparing and serving. Long rim measurement 23 cm. Overall length including handles 28.7 cm. Long base measurement 19.3 cm. Rim width of 17.8 cm. Height including lid 9.5 cm. 1 litre capacity. 2.35 kg weight


Type Pots & Casseroles
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