Travel Blue Twist & Slide Worldwide Travel Adaptor
Travel Blue Twist & Slide Worldwide Travel Adaptor
EUR 33.50

Product description

Dual USB - Europe Edition. Unique “Twist & Slide” design comprising of four adaptors in one (UK, USA, EU, AUS/CHINA). 2.1 Amp Dual USB output for charging any USB device. Child safe with built-in safety shutter preventing 7/7 EURO insertion. For non-earthed 2 pole plugs only (Class II appliances). Essential for any globe trotter. Compliant with EU safety standards. “TWIST & SLIDE” WORLD TRAVEL ADAPTOR + 2 X USB • Get connected in over 150 countries around the world – Full List inside • For non-earthed 2 poles plugs only. Class II appliance, marked with ). • 2.1 Amp DUAL USB . • Note: this travel adapter does not convert voltage between 110V/220V. • Always plug your appliance into adaptor, and only then insert the adaptor into the socket. • After use, first remove the adaptor from the socket, and then disconnect the appliance plug from the adaptor.


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