Travel Blue Power Bank 2600
Travel Blue Power Bank 2600
EUR 23.50

Product description

•Avoid running out of power on the move. • For charging your: mobile phone, camera or tablet. Capacity: 2600 mAh. Instructions for use: To charge the Power Bank. Connect the USB cable to a power supply and insert the Micro-USB plug into the Power Bank socket. When charging, a red LED light with turn on. When the Power Bank is fully charged a green light is turned on. To charge another appliance using Power Bank. Insert USB cable into the output socket located on the end of the Power Bank. Plug the Micro-USB end of the cable into the appliance you want to charge. A blue LED light will turn on whilst the appliance is being charged. Technical Data: Battery Lithium-Ion Rated Capacity: 2600 mAh Output: 5V-800mA Input: 5V-1000mA Number of Charge Cycles: Minimum 300 charges.


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