Travel Blue Dual USB Car Charger
Travel Blue Dual USB Car Charger
EUR 15.25

Product description

2.1A Dual USB. Safely re-charge your batteries while driving. Use your devices & USB cables with this Travel Blue car charger. Two charging ports enable you to charge your mobile phone and iPod simultaneously. Compact and reliable, receive exceptionally fast charge with this essential accessory. Car Charger – 2.1 Amp Dual USB • Travel Blue DUAL 2.1 Amp car charger optimises charging your Smartphone, Tablet computer and any other USB related device when you are on the road whilst also using your SatNav guidance system. • Compatible with all USB charge cables so you can get an exceptionally fast charge for your devices simultaneously. • The charger also works with a standard 30-pin cable allowing you to stay powered up for unlimited playback and standby time whilst travelling in your car.


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