Chandon Garden Spritz 75 cl - Alc. 11,5% Vol.
Chandon Garden Spritz 75 cl - Alc. 11,5% Vol.
EUR 18.00

Product description

CHANDON Garden Spritz takes our exceptional sparkling wine, a dry cuvée made with Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Semillon grapes. It adds a unique twist: our house-made zesty, aromatic, refreshing orange bitters, natural extracts from hand-picked orange peels, herbs, and spices. A secret and homemade aperitif recipe, ready to serve and share, ideally drenched over ice with a slice of dried orange and a sprig of rosemary. The base wine CHANDON BRUT is made using our slow-ferment long Charmat method to preserve this all-important true fruit expression. It’s a refined Spritz crafted by CHANDON’s winemaking team in Mendoza. Sophisticated yet authentic. Simple yet intriguing, it has no artificial flavors and no artificial colors. It’s nothing more than naturally delicious.


Country Argentina Region Champagne Wine Type Dry
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