Ailsa Bay, 70 cl. - Alc. 48,9% Vol. Speyside.
Ailsa Bay, 70 cl. - Alc. 48,9% Vol. Speyside.
EUR 74.00

Product description

With exacting precision, Ailsa Bay brings whisky-craft and innovation to a new level with its singular vision: The creation of a precision-distilled single malt, perfectly balanced between smoke and sweetness.The PPM is 21, which is assessed prior to bottling guaranteeing a more accurate measurement. Ailsa Bay is the first whisky to have an analysed measurement of sweetness identified. This is possible through a revolutionary process defined by Master Blender Brian Kinsman. The whisky is defined as having 11 SPPM within it, which gives it the perfect balance between the peat and sweetness. Ailsa Bay is also the only Scotch whisky to under a process called “Micro Maturation”. The distillery’s new make spirit is first filled into Hudson Baby Bourbon Casks that are between 25-100 litres in size, for six to nine months. The relatively small casks – traditional American oak barrels can contain up to 200 litres of spirit – enables in intense rapid maturation. The liquid is then transferred into virgin, first-fill and refill American oak casks for several years. The process is the first of its kind within the Scotch whisky industry.


Country United Kingdom Flavour Light & Floral Region Speyside Type Single malt
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