Jelzin Vodka BIB 300 cl. - Alc. 37.5% Vol.
EUR 10.25

Product description

A precious stone, a symbol of rarity; a natural and beautiful muse incarnating freshness and purity: Jelzin vodka created a world of Pure Instinct. Jelzin: a vodka of unrivalled quality, the result of quintuple distillation. It owes its purity to the water from springs in the Alsace mountains of Les Vosges du Nord. Its natural French ingredients give it a particular character where freshness and purity house its strength. Very pleasant and powerful, Jelzin vodka is characterised by its freshness and purity. It is an ideal partner for caviar or smoked salmon. You can also try it as a shot, an after-dinner drink, by itself over ice or in a cocktail.


Size 300 Packing Type Bag In Box Size Type Cl Type Bag in box Alcohol content 37.50 Country France