Bacardi Carta Blanca 100 cl. - Alc. 40% Vol.
EUR 14.25

Product description

The perfect mixing spirit that has set the standard for rum production since 1862. Neither dominating nor disappearing in a mixed drink, Bacardi inspired a whole new generation of cocktails such as the original Mojito and the original Daiquiri.<CRLF>Bacardi Superior Rum is a complex rum with lots of delicate yet distinct flavours. It has a dry, crisp and very clean (with a slightly sweet) finish. Key flavour notes include: lime, apricot, rose, violet, almond, banana and light woody vanilla. It is this light and well balanced flavour profile with no single dominating flavour note that makes Bacardi Superior Rum the ultimate mixing spirit. Therefore, it inspired cocktail pioneers to create the refreshing cocktails that we know and love today.


Size 100 Size Type Cl Alcohol content 40.00 Country United States