Blue Velvet Gin 70 cl. - Alc.  40 % Vol.
Blue Velvet Gin 70 cl. - Alc.  40 % Vol.
EUR 20.75 EUR 32.00

Product description

The new drink is made with violet flower, cherry blossom, lily and pea flower. Actually, this last compound, the pea flower, is the one that, in contact with the acidity of the soda with which the Gin is accompanied, is the reason that turns to the violet color instantly. “Blue Velvet is born by chance and that makes this Gin very special. It has no colorant and everything is 100% natural. It seems incredible for its appearance and the tone the Gin acquires, when you add an acidic soda, but so it is.


Size 70 Packing Type Bottle Type Gin Size Type Cl Alcohol content 40.00 Country Spain
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