Rose's Strawberry 57 cl. - Alc. 0%
EUR 4.75

Product description

Rose's Strawberry has been developed to give well-known cocktails as Daiquiri, Margarita, Colada and tasty smoothies the right taste of strawberry. Many consumers know Rose's Lime and the unique taste of the product - especially mixed with or without alcohol. Rose's Strawberry is a flavour cordial mixer and with its special viscosity very suitable for all kinds of cocktails, drinks, smoothies, desserts but also mixed with water. Rose's Strawberry is as the rest of the members of the family - Lime, Lemon, Grenadine, Apricot, Blue Curacao, Triple sec, Blueberry and Mojito of an extremely high quality, which makes the product a natural non-alcoholic ingredient. Rose's Strawberry gives extra to all beverages when you want the fresh taste of strawberry. For example in cocktails, drinks, smoothies and water - refreshing and delicious. Surprise your friends with a classic Rose's drink with or without alcohol.


Type Drink Mixers Country Denmark