Hoegaarden White 24x33 cl. btls. - Alc. 4.9% Vol.
EUR 19.80 EUR 24.75

Product description

Hoegaarden White is subtly flavoured with Coriander and Curaçao, pouring in a swirling cloud of yeast with a pale yellow, almost putty colour and strong white head. It is intensely aromatic, with lots of lemony fruit, spices and a hint of white chocolate. There is plenty of yeasty aroma, that's quite high and floral. On the palate it is very easy-drinking with plenty of spicebox nuances, a vaguely medicinal hint and a crisp, fruity, refreshing style. Alc. 5.0% Vol., carton of 24x33 cl bottles, per carton.


Size 24x33 Packing Type Bottle Size Type Cl Sub Category Beer/Water Type Weissbier Alcohol content 4.90 Country Belgium