Tromborg Herbal and Vitamin Shampoo 200 ml
Tromborg Herbal and Vitamin Shampoo 200 ml
EUR 17.00

Product description

An amazingly mild shampoo that in no way irritates the scalp. The Shampoo contains all the vitamins needed by the hair, which are essential components for hair growth. Camomile, Balm, Fennel, Hops, Yarrow as well as Allantoin and Calcium Pantothenate makes the shampoo nourishing, gentle, calming and antiseptic, so that even those with really sensitive scalps can use it. It gives beautiful, swinging, shining hair. The shampoo is ‘low-foaming’ the more active protective ingredients, the less foam.


Size 200 Type Shampoo Size Type Ml Country Denmark Gender Ladies