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Have you ever wondered whether your fragrance is right for you?

The perfume you wear is a personal choice and a scent says more than a thousand words. But how do you find your true signature fragrance?

Fragrances are categorized according to notes, accords or other characteristics, that define their overall similarities.

Choose between the 4 fragrance famililies Fresh, Floral, Oriental or Woody. Maybe you prefer Fresh or Floral during daytime and Oriental or Woody in the evening?

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Davidoff Cool Water EdT 40 ml
EUR 17.00
Davidoff Cool Water EdT 75 ml
EUR 29.90 EUR 17.95
Davidoff Hot Water EdT 110 ml
EUR 35.25 EUR 24.70
Davidoff Parfums Cool Water Woman EdT 50 ml
EUR 25.50
Davidoff The Game EdT 100 ml
EUR 25.50