Issey Miyake L'Eau d'Issey Igo EdT 80 ml
Issey Miyake L'Eau d'Issey Igo EdT 80 ml
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Product description

Discover Eau d'Issey, the timeless Issey Miyake fragrance, in a new and innovative format. ISTAY bottle, IGO cap: IGO is a two-in-one scent with a travel format that encourages you to go on an adventure and discover its iconic fragrance. With IGO, Issey Miyake is proving itself to be an innovative force. L'Eau d'Issey is a simple and pioneering composition. A perfume whose scent evokes that of a drop of water on a female body. There are two floral head notes: lotus and rose. The heart note develops a light sensuality, blending a bouquet of lily and fresh flowers. The precious wood base concludes the olfactory wake with panache. With its extended, monolithic design, IGO pays homage to the look of the iconic l'Eau d'Issey bottle: a cone, a sphere, a base that stretches skywards topped with a ball that seems to be suspended. IGO innovation: Innovative IGO does the double so you can use your scent at any time: IGO cap: travel-friendly, lightweight, unbreakable, the fragrance bottle is ready to go. Able to hold 20 ml of perfume, the IGO cap is a mini format ideal for travel. It can be carried independently in a bag so you can spritz your scent whenever you like. ISTAY bottle: statuesque, elegant, iconic; a bottle to leave at home so you can come back to your archetypal fragrance when you return from travel. How to use: - take the cap with you so you can spritz some scent any time - leave the bottle at home so you can come back to your favourite fragrance on your return How is this innovative? Although seemingly simple, IGO innovation is unprecedented in perfumery. It has taken four years of research and fine-tuning to launch this new format. How is IGO paying tribute to l'Eau d'Issey? Its design tells the story of l'Eau d'Issey: a bottle that transcends time and fashions. During a night in Paris, Issey Miyake sees the moon shining above the Eiffel Tower. And thus, a cone, a sphere and an extended design were born. A bottle that stretches skywards, topped with a ball that looks to be suspended. A blend of simple and subtle shapes. Is the cap easy to use? The cap is light and unbreakable, so can be taken anywhere. How does it differ from l'Eau d'Issey? With the IGO cap, you can spritz your scent at any time on the go. The fragrance is the iconic IM scent: an aquatic floral with a woody wake.

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